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Life elevated with “Cathay” – a new premium travel lifestyle brand

Life elevated with “Cathay” – a new premium travel lifestyle brand

Enhancing our engagement with our customers beyond their journeys

A new premium travel lifestyle brand “Cathay” is launched today that aims to bring all we love about travel together with everyday lifestyle.

Over the coming months, “Cathay” will be rolling out a range of new offers in spending, dining, shopping, hotels, and wellness – enabling us to engage with our customers not only when they fly with us, but every day.

 “Cathay” brings together Cathay Pacific, Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles all in one place, simplifying the way our customers interact with us, including how they earn status and use miles.

At the same time, “Cathay” also makes our proposition more appealing. By integrating our offerings and through better partnerships, we will bring a wider range of products and services to the benefit of our customers.

The first of these offers – a new Cathay co-branded credit card – will be launched in Hong Kong soon. These will all culminate in a refreshed customer relationship programme in the first half of 2022.

Importantly, Cathay Pacific continues as the brand of our airline globally. Initially, “Cathay” will only be available in Hong Kong while Cathay Pacific will continue to be our brand around the rest of the world. Over time, we will aim to expand the “Cathay” premium travel lifestyle brand to other markets.

Chief Executive Officer Augustus Tang said: “Our ability to enter the travel lifestyle space and the success of this strategy is built upon the enduring strength, trust and respect that Cathay Pacific has established over 75 years of accomplishments, and the hard work and dedication of our people around the world.

“At the heart of the ‘Cathay’ brand is a celebration of all the best things we love – and have missed – about travel. We are very proud to have been connecting our customers with people, places and experiences around the world through the joy of travel.

“‘Cathay’ reinforces our commitment to engage with our customers in their everyday lives with world-class service. By adding more value and simplicity, we are helping to move them forward in life as per our ‘Move Beyond’ purpose.”