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Cathay Pacific celebrates 75 years of bringing people together

Cathay Pacific celebrates 75 years of bringing people together

Customers can join the celebrations with limited-edition memorabilia that commemorate the past, present and future

Cathay Pacific celebrates an important milestone in its history as it marks 75 years of creating meaningful human connections.

Over the past three-quarters of a century, Cathay Pacific has grown from a small regional airline to one that has thrust its way out across the globe from its energetic home city, Hong Kong. Throughout it all, Cathay Pacific’s enduring purpose has been to connect customers to the people, places and experiences they love the most. To mark this special occasion, Cathay Pacific is unveiling a variety of exciting opportunities for customers to join it in marking 75 years of bringing people together, from paying homage to history, celebrating the power of connection or looking forward to a re-energised future.

Chief Executive Officer Augustus Tang said: “Cathay Pacific has seen exhilarating successes over the past incredible 75 years. We’ve connected people to many new destinations, welcomed the arrival of state-of-the-art aircraft and introduced exciting customer experience enhancements, to name a few. ​ We have also experienced unprecedented challenges, such as the global pandemic, which we are all still overcoming. What these over seven decades have shown is that we are a resilient brand.

“What has never changed is our unyielding commitment to our loyal customers, our dedicated people and our wonderful home city, Hong Kong. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without the enduring support they have shown us, and we are incredibly grateful to each and every one of them. We hope they will join us in marking our 75th anniversary, and we look forward to many more journeys together.”

Own a piece of history

Cathay Pacific has created a special series of limited-edition merchandise commemorating more than seven decades of connection.

Customers have the opportunity to get one of 1,000 special collector’s box sets each featuring seven aircraft models, from the airline’s very first Douglas DC-3 aircraft, “Betsy”, to the newest member of its fleet, the Airbus A321neo.

Meanwhile, 435 limited-edition pen and cardholder sets have been crafted out of aluminium reclaimed from B-HUJ, the airline’s final Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft, and engraved with a unique serial number.

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Customers can also give their luggage a touch of history with limited-edition aviation-themed luggage tags. Each has been formed from the body of Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-200 B-HND aircraft – affectionately called the “Haneda Jet” – which joined the fleet on 13 June 1996 and carried more than six million passengers over her lifetime.

Cathay Pacific has also partnered with Hong Kong lifestyle brand G.O.D. to upcycle uniforms from its crew into a selection of accessories and homewares, from stylish patchwork cushion covers to cross-body bags, pouches and teddy bears. ​

All 75th anniversary memorabilia is available exclusively on the new Cathay Pacific shopping platform: please click here.

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Bringing the future to the present

While Cathay Pacific celebrates the past, it continues to bring innovation to every aspect of its offering. The airline is also innovating in the air with the launch of its new Airbus A321neo aircraft, which offers customers the world’s most enjoyable short-haul experience. The A321neo offers new levels of comfort, privacy and storage space, not to mention world-first inflight entertainment upgrades.

These fuel-efficient aircraft also help Cathay Pacific’s continued pursuit of greener aviation as it aims to reach its target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This commitment makes Cathay Pacific one of the first airlines in Asia to establish a timeline for making carbon neutrality a reality.

Join us in celebrating our 75th anniversary: please click here.

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