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Arm up, let’s fly again!

Arm up, let’s fly again!

Cathay Pacific supports the community vaccination drive with its employee campaign

Cathay Pacific is proactively encouraging all of its employees to get vaccinated, seeing this as a crucial step in the resumption of regular international air travel and the return to normal life for everyone in society. 


With this in mind, the airline launched its “Arm up, let’s fly again!” campaign in April to build awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated as soon as possible. The response has been very positive – already about 80% of our pilots and about 40% of our cabin crew in Hong Kong have either booked or received their vaccination.


This is especially important given the latest easing of crew quarantine arrangements based on the concept of “vaccine bubbles”.


Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Augustus Tang said: “We are heartened by the response of our aircrew to the Arm Up campaign as many of our people at Cathay Pacific look forward to flying again as soon as possible.


“We’re extremely grateful to our employees for their continued dedication and professionalism during what has been an incredibly challenging time. We will continue to support community vaccination efforts by encouraging both our people and the people of Hong Kong to get vaccinated.”


Cathay Pacific welcomes the latest easing of quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travellers and aircrew arriving into Hong Kong. However, we will continue to remain vigilant as providing a safe travel environment has remained our absolute priority throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our aircrew have been diligent and professional in adhering to tight overseas layover controls and stringent risk-mitigation measures. So far this year there have been zero positive tests among some 28,000 tests that our operating Hong Kong-based aircrew have taken in the days following their arrival in Hong Kong.


Tang said: “We are very proud of the incredible efforts of our people. We all look forward to flying with our customers again very soon.”