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Cathay Pacific Statement on flight CX250 22November

Cathay Pacific Flight CX250 from London Heathrow to Hong Kong (which departed at 18.02 local time on 22 November) was diverted to Novosibirsk International Airport in Russia approximately six hours into its journey due to a signal in the flight deck that indicated a possible fire in the aft cargo hold. At this time there is no evidence that there was a fire in the aft cargo hold. 

The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority. There are no reports of any injuries among the 212 passengers and 18 crew who were onboard the aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER. 

Cathay Pacific has arranged another aircraft, which departed from Hong Kong International Airport at 15.47 local time to help the passengers and crew to fly to Hong Kong. Carrying replacement crew, engineers and ground staff, the flight is expected to arrive in Novosibirsk at approximately 21.30 local time. The return flight is expected to depart at around 00.30 local time. 

Passengers are now being accommodated at nearby hotels with meal services provided. They are accompanied by cabin crew who are providing the necessary support. 

A Cathay Pacific spokesperson said: “Safety is always our top priority and we would like to thank the Novosibirsk authorities and local teams for the support they have extended to our operation and passengers. We also appreciate the understanding of our passengers as well as the prompt actions of the flight and cabin crew.”