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Cathay Pacific statement on cabin crew retirement age

Cathay Pacific already scheduled meetings with the airline’s cabin crew union several weeks ago to discuss year-end arrangements and retirement age issues. The meetings with the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union (FAU) will commence the week of Monday 21 November. 

The airline maintains close communications with the cabin crew community on matters of mutual interest. We understand that retirement age is a very important issue for many cabin crew. We are acutely aware that there are also differences of opinion regarding the subject among the crew community itself. 

Retirement age is a complex issue, with numerous factors to be considered, including opportunities for career progression for those crew who joined Cathay Pacific in recent times. There are over 4,500 Hong Kong-based, entry-level cabin crew employed by Cathay Pacific. Any extension to the retirement age would prolong the promotion time for each rank. 

Cathay Pacific is an equal opportunity employer. Age has never been a factor in the recruitment, training or promotion of our staff. As recently as 2008, we aligned the retirement age of our Hong Kong-based cabin crew from 45 to 55 years. 

Our retirement age policies are consistent with the laws of Hong Kong. There are different regulatory requirements to comply with in terms of those cabin crew who are based outside of Hong Kong. 

We look forward to discussing the subject with the FAU next week. 

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