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Cathay Pacific partners with Mott 32 to offer contemporary Chinese cuisine Passengers can look forward to an enhanced Chinese dining experience inflight

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced its collaboration with Mott 32, a contemporary Chinese fine dining restaurant under the award-winning dining group Maximal Concepts, to launch an array of exciting new dining options for passengers. Starting from September, passengers in all classes on selected flights from Hong Kong to long-haul destinations including Australia, Europe and North America will be able to enjoy the exclusively designed menu.

Cathay Pacific cares about its passengers’ experience at every stage of the journey and believes that travelling well is an important part of living well. With the aim to create the best possible travel experience, the airline continues to invest heavily in improving its products and services, both on the ground and in the air. In recent years, Cathay Pacific has significantly upgraded its customer offerings, enhancing its airport lounges and aircraft cabins across its ultra-modern fleet as well as expanding its international network.

The airline has long understood the important role that inflight dining plays in providing a superior travel experience, and Cathay Pacific’s Catering team always goes to great lengths to provide passengers with high-quality food and beverages, including premium wines sourced from around the world, onboard its flights. Additionally, the airline has worked closely over the years with renowned chefs, hotels and restaurants to regularly introduce new and creative dining options.

As Hong Kong’s home carrier, Cathay Pacific takes particular delight in its Chinese dining offerings – and aims to continually improve the range and quality of Chinese food served on its flights. In view of Mott 32’s “East meets West” dining ethos, the airline has joined hands with the restaurant to create an inspired food experience for travellers across all classes and to showcase the brands’ Asian heritage.

Named after 32 Mott Street in New York, which was a focal point in the development of the American city’s vibrant Chinatown district, Mott 32 is a global food phenomenon, representing modern Hong Kong and advocating the principle of farm-to-table cooking. Specialising in Cantonese, Beijing and Sichuan dishes, the restaurant is best-known for its authentic Chinese flavours and use of premium ingredients, which will be highlighted extensively in the new inflight menu.

Cathay Pacific’s Head of Catering Aaron Claxton said: “In order to provide the best possible inflight dining service, we have been on the lookout to adopt new culinary collaborations to enhance our inflight menus. We are now very pleased to announce the joining of hands with Mott 32 to introduce a selection of its best Chinese dishes for our passengers to enjoy in the air. 

“Mott 32 has quickly earned a reputation for creating a Chinese fine dining experience and is famed for its culinary creativity as well as contemporary dining presentation.  We are excited about this collaboration since Cathay Pacific is the first airline to partner with Mott 32, and we believe their menu will impress many of our passengers who are admirers of contemporary Chinese cuisine.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Malcolm G Wood, Culinary Director, Founder & Group Managing Director of Maximal Concepts, said: “'Cathay Pacific and Maximal Concepts share a deep connection to Hong Kong and its culture. Cathay Pacific is one of my all-time favourite airlines, and I have always wanted to share our Chinese food from Mott 32 with the airline’s passengers."

The new menu features a selection of Mott 32’s most popular dishes, including “Crispy Triple Cooked US Black Angus Beef Short Ribs”. The dish is the brainchild of Chinese Group Executive Chef Lee Man-sing, who was inspired by the beef ribs he tasted on a trip to Hangzhou some years ago. Using only the finest ingredients, Chef Lee’s creation, which involves marinating the ribs overnight, is bursting with complex flavours, which passengers will long remember.

Another renowned dish on the menu, one that consists of local ingredients seldom seen in inflight dining, is “Slow Cooked Sticky Iberico Pork, White Turnip Cake”. The dish offers a taste of Hong Kong by using white radish, rice flour, dried shrimps, minced pork or pork sausage and shitake mushrooms. Chef Lee and his team finely blend premium Iberico pork, one of Mott 32’s signature ingredients, into steamed turnip cake, which serves as a healthier alternative to the more common recipe that uses fatty pork.

“Chicken, Salted Lemon” is destined to be another popular choice onboard. Chef Lee uses homemade salted lemon to marinate the chicken in order to give the dish a natural sweetness, which like all the dishes on the menu, is sure to delight Cathay Pacific’s long-haul passengers throughout the duration of the promotion.


About Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong-based international airline offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to some 200 destinations worldwide, with a fleet of around 140 wide-body aircraft. Cathay Pacific continually invests in its products and services, both on the ground and in the air to help its passengers travel well. Recognising the importance that inflight dining has in enriching passengers’ travel experience, its professional catering team has long strived to provide high-quality dining offerings by collaborating with renowned chefs, restaurants and hotels. In 2016, Cathay Pacific has teamed up with US-based celebrity chef Daniel Green to create a series of light and clean dishes onboard, while another global collaboration with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has resulted in the airline offering exclusively-designed menus by the hotels’ star chefs to passengers out of Hong Kong and back from various destinations.


About Mott 32

Mott 32 represents modern Hong Kong and the restaurant believes strongly in the core principles of ingredient-focused cooking. Mott 32 kitchen is helmed by Maximal Concepts’ Group Managing and Culinary Director Malcolm Wood and Chinese Group Executive Chef Lee Man-sing, and together have led their esteemed team of talented chefs to create an authentic Cantonese menu that also features some signature dishes from Beijing and Sichuan. The provenance of the ingredients is highly important to Mott 32. The restaurant is an attempt to shift the focus back onto ingredients and recipes passed down from generation-to-generation. It embraces flavours and ingredients from around the world to deliver them as home cooking should be presented, in a more rustic and honest way. Mott 32 has received the following awards: Best New Restaurant, Best Interior Design and Best Restaurant –  Choice Award by Tatler; No 1 Hot 10 Restaurants by Lifestyle Asia; World Interior of the Year by Inside World Festival of Interiors; SCMP 100 Top Tables 2014, 2015 and 2016.