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Cathay Pacific moves seamlessly to new airport check-in system

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced the completion of a move to a new check-in system for its airports worldwide.

The phased implementation began in June this year and, over a six-month period, 91 destinations across the Cathay Pacific and Dragonair networks, including Hong Kong, switched to the new airport check-in system.

The implementation of this new system marks the final stage of the airline’s implementation of a fully integrated end-to-end passenger services system which interconnects its sales, reservations and ticketing, inventory management, passenger services, and aircraft load control operations. The replacement of the previous sales, reservation and inventory system was completed in 2013.

Along with the successful implementation of the new check-in system, passengers can now book tickets through the airline’s website, reservations hotline and travel agents up to one hour before the scheduled flight departure time. This provides customers with more flexibility and the convenience of being able to make last-minute ticket purchases. Previously, customers were required to go to the airport ticketing counters to make ticket purchases within four hours of the flight’s scheduled departure time.

With the implementation of a fully integrated end-to-end passenger services system, the new technology platform will enable Cathay Pacific to further enhance the overall customer experience. The airline has been making significant investments to improve its customer offering and cement its position as one of the world’s most highly regarded premium international carriers. These investments include expanding its fleet and networks, refreshing aircraft cabins across its entire fleet and upgrading lounges around its international network.