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Cathay Pacific calls on passengers to check latest flight information as severe typhoon Megi approaches Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Airways today (Wednesday, 20 October) calls on passengers who have booked flights for the latter part of the week, or who are planning to do so, to check the latest flight information on Cathay Pacific’s website as Severe Typhoon Megi approaches Hong Kong.

According to the latest available weather forecast, all Cathay Pacific flights departing and arriving Hong Kong today and tomorrow are expected to operate as normal, but the situation can change rapidly as the typhoon edges closer, a Cathay Pacific Airways spokesman said.

“It is too early to assess now how the typhoon would impact our flights at the end of the week. We are closely monitoring the situation and will post the latest flight information on our website,” the spokesman said.

“We are expecting to be able to issue travel advice with more specific flight information tomorrow (Thursday, 21 October) when more information about Typhoon Megi’s movement becomes available,” the spokesman added.